Sympathyplaques.com is primarily a supplier of Memorial Stones, Plaques, Benches, and Angels. All wholesale purchases must be made by a licensed retailer. Retailers will be required to provide a tax identification number before shipment of an order.

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Wholesale orders are packaged on pallets and shipped by common carrier, orLoadtruck

delivered by Roadrunner's delivery van. 

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How To Order

Orders may be placed by calling Adam at 217-825-8653 or you may fax your order to 217-562-5792.

After submission of your order we will contact you by phone to confirm your order and request credit card information for payment.

How Orders are Delivered

Customers within our Van Delivery areas my receive orders delivered by Roadrunner's Delivery Van. The order will be brought directly to your store.

Other orders are shipped on a pallet using a common carrier which will deliver by semi truck. The products are light enough that they can be unloaded by hand if you do not have a fork lift or a dock available. Our heaviest item is a bench top which weighs about 45 pounds.

If a lift gate is required, it must be requested when the order is placed. An additional fee will be charged for the lift gate, appointment, other special delivery services.

Common carriers may assess a fee for unloading times longer than half an hour.

Upon shipment you may request a phone number for the carrier or a PRO# for your shipment if you wish to track it.

When your order arrives, be sure to inspect the exterior packaging. If the packaging appears to be damaged in any way, DO NOT SIGN for it. Instead, write DAMAGED in the signature block.  Unpack your order as soon as possible and notify us of any damage.

Pallet Orders - Minimum order of $600.00  Ships a single pallet by common carrier at the following rates. (Call 217-562-3505 for a quote on states that are not listed below.)


Order Amount                              Per Pallet Cost
Orders $1,500 and Up                    Free Shipping
Orders $1,200 - $1,499                   $75.00  Shipping
Orders $550 - $1,199                      $100.00 Shipping

Excluding the Upper Peninsula. Call for a quote in UP

Order Amount                    Per Pallet Cost
Orders $2,100 and Up          Free Shipping
Orders $1,500 - $2,099       $100.00 Shipping
Orders $800 - $1,499          $150.00 Shipping

Zone 3 - LA, NC, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TX, & VA

Order Amount                   Per Pallet Cost
Orders $2,750 and up         Free Shipping
Orders $1,700 - $2,749       $125.00 Shipping
Orders $1,000 - $1,699       $175.00 Shipping

Zone 4 - AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, MA, ME, NH, NV, OR, RH, & VT

Order Amount                                      Per Pallet Cost
Orders $1,800 and up                         $125.00 Shipping
Orders $1,799 - $1,300                       $200.00 Shipping
Orders $1,299 - $800                          $225.00 Shipping

All other locations, please call 217-562-3505